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Do Not Repeat These Things Seen In Porn

Many people enjoy watching porn, as these videos often feature what we do not meet in real life often. In addition to people of beautiful or exotic appearance, and glamorous settings, modern porn movies show a lot of unusual or exotic poses and activities.

Users watching these movies because they offer dynamic development of the plot, give food for thought and impress the imagination. However, one should remember that in 99% of cases the video is totally staged, there are a lot of staff members that assist and that the porn performers, almost like professional stuntmen, get ready for such action. For them, this is work, and they work hard, both physically and emotionally. But for average people, sex is usually relaxation and pleasure, not hard work, so do not expect your sex partners to be excited about repeating a cool trick you saw in a movie.

People expect sex to give them relaxation and pleasure. The majority of people do not consider it an activity to which they have to prepare like for Olympic Games, and when you offer your lover to repeat a marathon-like night with tricks, poses, and stunts featured in your favorite adult movie, chances are they will not be amused.

Another aspect that should be taken into consideration is that in sex videos, actors are acting. Of course, they can and should get a certain pleasure from their job, but again, in the majority of cases, they just tolerate inconvenient poses and interactions they personally do not like in bed, for the sake of the movie.

Remember that when filming, the most comfortable pose for actors is the worst one for a good shot. The cameraman wants to see all the private parts in detail, which means the actors should be as distanced from each other as possible, showing all the details of the process. In real life, the opposite is felt pleasant – when the partners are as close to each other as possible, touching each other with their whole bodies. This example, hopefully, gives an insight into the difference between sex movie and sex in real life.

The bottom line is as follows. It is always better to do what you and your sex partner feel pleasant; if it does not feel pleasant or arousing, or satisfying, do not feel surprised. Even if you saw this in the best adult movie filmed by the best porn studio featuring the best actors, you or your partner are not obliged to feel great about this activity.

And also do not be surprised about your sex partner being reluctant to repeat gymnastic gimmicks from the porn movies. This is because instead of relaxing and pleasurable experience you offer something they may not be physically ready to. So talk to your lover and agree on what you want to try and what you don’t.