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Why I Watch Porn?

Thousands of people watch adult content on a regular basis; according to current statistics, about thirty thousand unique visitors watch sex videos every second of time, day and night. This is an average number, of course, but it shows how popular porn is. There are several reasons why people choose to reach out for this type of content. Check them below.


The first and foremost reason why one looks for adult content on the Internet is to either get aroused and have sexual pleasure or to release the already accumulated sexual pressure safely and quickly. Sex movies allow doing both. The majority of users look for adult content when they have no partner currently, or have no possibility to engage in full-fledged intercourse with their partner. Some feel the need to relax quickly and without bothering the other person, some just consciously meet their physiological needs.


Lots of younger people and teenagers confess they watch sex movies for education about sex. This may be caused by the fact that they just lack knowledge and understanding of what sex is, how people interact during intercourse. We all know that the majority of countries have very poorly organized education on sex, despite the fact that sex is one of the basic needs every person has. So, teenagers want to understand how their body and other people’s bodies function during sex, and how sex looks like. On the other hand, many young people look for adult content to learn to be better lovers. They adopt methods and tricks, learn new poses and can then experiment in their own sexual relationships.


Surprisingly, a huge amount of users watch adult movies because they feel lonely. The tempo of life today is so fast, and close people may be scattered around the country or even the globe, so little surprise many users online spend their time doing something just to distract themselves from sadness and the feeling of loneliness. Lack of relationships or at least a regular lover in life also makes people seek for a quick fix in the form of sex videos.


A big percent of users online are actually online because they are bored and have nothing better to do with their spare time than being online. Social networks, movies, and stuff like this give certain satisfaction, but they also do not provide enough entertainment, especially when it is a late night and all friends are not online anymore, while one person can’t go to sleep and is bored to death. Porn, on the other hand, is able to provide both physical and emotional engagement; sexual arousal and satisfaction cause the brain to produce the chemicals of pleasure, and the viewer can, at last, feel interested and satisfied.

These are the main reasons why most users watch pornography; it is one of the entertaining types of content that can meet a lot of needs.