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Taboo Porn Genres

Adult sex videos are shot within different genres and categories. This is done, obviously, to provide more pleasure to a more narrow audience, and help the users on adult platforms with their search requests. While there are tons of different genres, and the users have a huge choice, there are some categories that are forbidden.

We are not talking about these prudish rules like “a woman must not be on top”, lol. The majority of websites support a lot of variations, without almost no limitations. Different skin colors, ages, orientations, activities are welcome and legal to make sex movies with, and the audience is free to watch.

Globally Banned

There are some genres that are globally forbidden, though, and every user is strongly advised not to watch them, and report resources that contain those. These global taboo genres include child and teenage porn, sex with animals, sex with dead people (or animals), killing during intercourse (even if this is staged), crippling or severely harming anybody during intercourse (even if staged or consent is given), and several other genres.

If you are not sure if this or that fetish falls under taboo genre or not, use the following simple rules:

  • No one should be killed during intercourse on the video;
  • No one should be crippled or severely physically harmed;
  • Those who cannot give consent should not be participating (dead bodies, animals, disabled, etc.);
  • Those who are not legally considered as able to give clear consent (children, disabled, etc.);
  • Even if clear consent of the participants is given, or the video is staged, the content including killing or physical damage is still banned.

Those who make such content or look for it should contact an expert.

Fun fact – in North Korea, pornography is banned as such, any type of it. The punishment for making, watching, or keeping any type of pornography is a death sentence.

Locally Banned

Some countries are okay with making and watching sex videos, however, they ban certain things in porn to make sure this industry does not hurt anyone and does not violate anyone’s rights. Firstly, they support a ban on the globally tabooed genres.

Secondly, there are activities in intercourse that should be avoided to keep porn legal. For example, according to the recent UK law, the following things should not be filmed:

  • spanking;
  • canning;
  • aggressive whipping;
  • penetration by any object, associated with violence;
  • physical or verbal abuse;
  • urolagnia;
  • pretending non-adults;
  • humiliation;
  • female ejaculation;
  • strangulation;
  • facesitting;
  • fisting.

UK authorities state that they want to make porn less violent and prevent it from causing violent behavior. Also, the viewers are not subject to punishment if watching such content. It is the makers and the platforms hosting such content who will be legally punished. However, in different countries, rules can differ.