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5 Websites With Best Narrative Porn

Narrative porn is the type of sex movies where the viewer enjoys a full-fledged movie with a scenario and plot. It does not last 15 minutes featuring the only location and one set of performers. The beauty of narrative porn is that it allows the viewer to get engaged into the story, slowly get aroused by watching the characters, and prolong the pleasure as the intercourses are not limited with one or two. Locations and additional characters change, and if the user likes the main performers, they can watch several scenes with them, not only one that is limited in time.

Also, narrative porn creates a stronger illusion that everything happening on the screen is real, that emotions and sexual interactions are also real. The user can dive into this fantasy for an hour or an hour and a half, instead of 5-10 minutes like usual sex videos last. It is hard to find an ideal narrative adult movie with the actors and plot one finds arousing, but once spotted, the movie can be enjoyed for a long time, and the user does not have to hurry and get orgasm fast before the video ended. These are the main attractions of narrative sex videos.

Where To Find Narrative Sex Movies

Well, first of all, you should go and check some of the best conventional erotic movies; just google the list and off you go. However, these are not porn, of course. Specifically for porn with a story, go and check the following top porn site:

  • – this is website exclusively for lesbians, and it has a bunch of videos with a plot. The users can buy a DVD from them or pay for watching. The stories include lots of seduction and some plot.
  • if you want a different story every time, this option will not do for you, but if you are okay with the same story but featuring different models, then look for the categories like “fake doctor”, “massage”, “fake job interview”, etc. These are the movies shot with almost the same scenario but different people. For example, an agency announces a job and offers interviews, but when people come they are talked into sex and have intercourse with interviewers. Some videos are very fun to watch, especially if performers show good acting.
  • another option is to check out the Japanese category on any of your favorite websites. Japanese studios often make quite long movies with some kind of plot, like people in the office, or a thief breaking into an apartment, or a girl visiting a hospital, and so on. If you are lucky, you will find a full-fledged 1 and a half hour movie.
  • is a website offering staged videos of defloration. The scenes are long, from 30 to 60 minutes, showing all details, and the performers usually show convincing acting.

Generally, you can find a good movie with a plot on the majority of reliable and famous resources. Just check the length of the video and its quality.

Porn As Realization Of Secret Sex Fantasies

Sex fantasies are what most people have and yet most people keep secret. Despite the widespread opinion, sexual fantasies are not obligatorily connected to some sort of taboo sex or activities. In the majority of cases, people use fantasies as an escape from reality, and variety is the main goal they want to achieve in their mind.

It is very hard to achieve variety in sex life since it takes efforts and the ability to get many different sex partners on a regular basis. Unless a person owns their own harem, in practice variety on a regular basis is almost impossible. Of course, there are pickupers who specialize in luring their sex partners and increases the number of partners each week. But for this, one has to master certain skills, have a wide social circle, and devote a lot of time and also money to find girls (or boys), to lure and impress them, to have attractive looks, etc.

The majority of people have no time and opportunity to meet the need for sexual variety. They either live in the area where the social circle is not that big, or where everyone knows everyone or simply there are not many people of appropriate age and position in their place. Others have more interesting and important things to do, like job, career, hobby, or sports, and instead of running around looking for a new sex partner, they devote their efforts to other activities.

Yet, the need for variety and bright sex life remains, and people have fantasies. These are most often pretty innocent, like having sex with two blondes at the same time, etc. And here is where porn content becomes helpful in realizing those fantasies at least in some way.

If you check the categories on the majority of adult resources, they are very conventional, mostly stating the skin or hair color, a number of participants in the intercourse, or something like this. Such videos enjoy crazy popularity, in fact, they are the most requested and searched for. This gives a good insight into what people are fantasizing about.

It also gives a good insight into how much porn is useful in releasing sexual pressure and realizing secret or hidden fantasies. One does not need to think for a plot of the fantasy, does not have to focus and imagine. Everything has already been done and filmed. One only has to choose the video on the website, often free of charge, and see what he is used to seeing only in his head, enjoying each moment.